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Water Vending Machines and Equipment

We manufacture self-serve, purified water REFILLING vending equipment for your business opportunity in the drinking water vending machine business. SINCE 1991, our water vending units have been the industry leader. Get started now changing water into cash with your own water REFILL vending unit. For more information on starting your purified water vending machine business please contact Chem-Free Systems about our Vending Water Machines today and get our CURRENT CATALOG. Ask for your free copy of “Is Water Vending A Good Business?” or call toll-free at 800-735-2831.

Best Prices for Water Purification Machines

Here is Our Complete Line of Water REFILLING Vending Equipment, NO BOTTLES

REVERSE OSMOSIS Water Filtration Systems Available For All of Our Water Vending Machines & Water REFILLING Vending Units


Model 1000 $1295


For use with Small Containers up to 1 Gallon

  • EARN AS MUCH AS $150 A MONTH OR MORE.  Can be hung on a wall or placed upon a counter or table
  • Rock Solid Heavy Duty 304 grade Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 24″ (61cm) W x 23″ (56cm) H x 9″(23cm) D
  • 45 pounds (22kg)

    LOCATE IN condos, rental buildings, mobile home parks, RV parks

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Model 3000 $795

Model 3000

For use with Small Containers up to 1 Gallon

  • Earn as much as $75 a month.  Can be hung on a wall or placed upon a counter or table
  • Weather resistant fiberglass with stainless steel hinges
  • Dimensions: 18″ (46cm) W x 21″ (55cm) H x 9″ (25cm) D
  • 30 pounds (14 kg)

    LOCATE IN small apartment buildings, package liquor stores, schools

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Model 4000 $2595


For use with Large Containers up to 5 Gallons

  •   EARN AS MUCH AS $250 A MONTH OR MORECan be hung on a wall, or IN a wall ATM style.
  • All Stainless Steel with REAR, LOCKABLE ACCESS PANEL
  • Dimensions:  28″ (71cm) W x 32″ (81cm) H x 13″ (33cm) D
  • 79 pounds (36 kg) self-closing Lexan door. Special table available.

    LOCATE IN Small food markets, Laundromats, convenience stores

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Model 5000 $2995

For use with Large Containers up to 5 Gallons

For use with Large Containers up to 5 Gallons

  • EARN AS MUCH AS $800 A MONTH OR MORE. Self-Contained Free standing design.  Self-closing Lexan door. Epoxy paint. Made to handle the outdoors.

    LOCATE IN Supermarkets, convenience stores, dollar stores, high traffic sites

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Low Equipment Costs

Chem-Free Systems self serve water vending machines have the best pricing in the industry. Lower initial equipment costs means higher profits and a quicker return on your money.

Cash Now Business

Water Vending is a pure cash business with reliable returns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Generate continuous income 24/7. Earn while you sleep! Your machine does the work.

Steady Weekly Income

The beauty of owning a drinking Water Vending business is everyone must have water. Finally a business opportunity offering a high quality product at a low price. A perfect business plan!  No restocking or lost sales, ever!

No Product Costs

Since the location pays for water and power, nearly all of the money collected goes directly into YOUR pocket

Low Overhead-High Profits

No warehouse, employees, inventory or advertising. No truck or van needed. No Social Security, workmen’s compensation, or health insurance contributions. Just profits from your Water Vending Machine business

Financing Available

Chem-Free Systems has affordable payment options including financing. Contact us to learn about eligibility, rates and terms and conditions.

Ask about Lease to Own Financing For USA buyers. Financing Available for Foreign Buyers Also!

We can work with you on financing your water vending equipment so you can start your Water Vending business today.

What our customers are saying about Chem-Free Systems, Inc!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, maybe a few words from our customers will!

Great equipment. Practically no maintenance and it repaid our investment of two units in just a few months. Very happy.
EW, Maine
Thanks for all your help. Solid Money Maker! You have been so good and so professional. All the best.
Mohsin, Canada
Wonderful equipment! Simple to operate and maintain. Our customers love it. Thanks
Jim D, Evergreen, Or.

Why Choose Us?

Chem-Free Systems Inc is the leading manufacturer of high quality Self-Serve Water Vending Machines, and the leader in Water Vending Machine business startups. We provide our clients with quality products at the best prices. With Chem-Free Systems, you start earning right away. Income is not based on commission, or affiliate sales. There is little to no overhead taking big chunks out of your profits. It is not uncommon for our clients to see a return of $0.90 on every dollar. Our machines are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain translating into a higher profit margin. We work with our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their Water Vending Machine business. Use our over 23 years experience for your benefit.

We manufacturer our machines with you and your customer in mind. We don’t overload it with unnecessary “features” to get a higher purchase price. We design our machine to be low maintenance allowing for higher profits to you. We customize each of our machines to your specific water type and chemical composition. We sample your water source and create a filtration unit that best purifies the water. Each county, state and country has different needs.

Great tasting water literally sells itself. With our systems, it’s as easy as find a location, install your system and start collecting. With the proper planning, you can start earning income the day you receive your equipment. No product manufacturing or packaging costs. No hired labor costs. Chem-Free Systems Water Vending Machines work 24/7 making this an extremely profitable business opportunity. All of our equipment has been tested and requires no assembly.  It’s ready to start working for you!

We will place your brand name on the door decal at no extra cost.  We will also use your own artwork if you choose.

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eBay  7 years of 100% Customer Satisfaction

Leaders Award of Excellence by Florida Manufacturers

Outstanding Member Award by the Association of Water Treatment Manufacturers

Gold Seal Product Award by Water Treatment Professionals Institute

20 Year Member of Institute of International Exporters

Leadership Award from the Institute For Advanced Water Treatment

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